The Tartufiturismo
a unique experience

An unforgettable journey to discover the truffle, in contact with the nature of the wonderful Tuscan hills. You can follow Diego and his faithful four-legged allies in the woods and truffle hunters in the area in search of this precious underground mushroom. Once found you will follow Cristina in her cooking class to prepare your recipes with her

Here's how it works

Become a truffle hunter

The tour in the woods in search of truffles is the latest trend in a personalized holiday. The package offered to our customers is complete: what is found becomes a few hours later an espresso dish to taste.

Diego, the owner of the company, will be the person who will accompany you together with one of his 3 dogs, Bianca, Pepe and Tommy. Before entering the woods, he tells you about the territory, the plants and animals that populate it, its food and wine excellences.

The moment the dog sniffs a truffle and starts digging, people’s eyes shine, joy spurts from all pores, they rejoice as if they were about to get a gold nugget. When extracting the precious underground mushroom, it will be explained how to extract it in the most correct way, being careful not to ruin the roots and hyphae.


Finding a truffle is worth the holiday, if you also consider the wonderful path surrounded by nature, in contact with the flora and fauna of the place. Sometimes groups walk even miles and no one has ever complained.

Discover our tour

Our truffle experience is a trip suitable for everyone, but those who think it is a joke are wrong. These are our rules of the game


– Summer period: long-sleeved cotton T-shirt, long denim trousers or long hunting-style trousers with trekking shoes, protective gloves.

– Winter period: heavier wool or warm cotton hunting style clothing, boots, protective gloves.


– 10.00 am meeting in reception of the Il Sole Di Nebbiano Agritourism Company

-10.15 hours ready to go down to the woods with the dogs and subsequent demonstration and search for truffles with Mr Tartufaio who will reveal all the secrets of the truffle.

-11.30 (for those interested) return to the company with Cooking Class

– 12.15 hours ready to taste the dishes cooked with products of local excellence (oil and organic wine; goat cheeses, vaccines and pecorino; sausages; ancient grains; saffron; beef, pork and poultry; honey; jams etc etc) ‘Tuscan Hills Producers Association, combined with the precious Truffles found together. The tasting, weather permitting, can be carried out in the garden with a panoramic terrace.

-13.45 hours finished (possibility to buy products with Truffle / Fresh Truffle and all the products of the Tuscan Hills Producers Association)

-We speak French and English language

Come into the cooking class

Once the search is over, it’s time to go to the kitchen, where Cristina will show you how to enhance the truffle. 

The tasting includes:

La cooking class

Once the search is over, it’s time to go to the kitchen, where Cristina will show you how to enhance the truffle. The tasting includes:

In collaboration with

All tastings are accompanied by the products of the Tuscan Hills Producers Association, a group of 23 companies in the Chianti Fiorentino area that respect a very strict quality control specification and respect the criteria of zero kilometer and organic production.

Here's who will accompany you in the woods ...

La mascotte

Il più 'coccolone' di tutti

Detto 'I Bezzero'

Il simpaticone del gruppo

La reginetta

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What they say about us

Thank you so much, we enjoyed all the food. So delicious! Thanks for making our last day in Italy so special. Your dog Pepe in very cute! Bravo!!
Heather and Andrew
New York. NY
We had a faboulous time. Excited to see truffle hunting adn finding. Lunch was excellent. Good job, Cristina. We absolutely recommend to others!!!
Mark e Jeannie
Virginia, USA
Dear Cristina and Diego, thank you for a faboulus truffle hunt and for your absolutely wonderful lunch. I liked learned about the many ways to eat truffles.
Austin, Texas, USA
Fantastica giornata di profumi e sapori, cordialità impeccabile. Da Diego e Cristina cibo a dir poco eccezionale. Un'esperienza indimenticabile
Roberto e Amalia
Milano, Italia

A dive into history:
the Nebbiano refuge

Among the places you can visit during our walk in the middle of nature there is also the Nebbiano refuge. This refuge is characterized by many fossils and minerals sedimented on the walls of the cave, which testify that the sea was in Valdelsa.

It was built by hand by the family who lived in our house at the time, with the help of a donkey that was used to bring out the earth. To protect themselves from the bombings of the Second World War, in 1944 2 families found a place in this refuge, with six or seven children for 20 days from September to October, in addition to them the cow for milk and the usual donkey.

What little there was to eat was cooked by lighting the fire in a stove, dug in the ground, while the father was close to home to protect his home and what little there was.

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